Porkography II: Spam and Egg Sandwich

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I love Spam. It’s porky, it’s salty, it’s fatty…sigh! And those of you who also share my love of this canned, gelatinous, porcine delight understand…because you love it, too! Admit it!


Spam, though not high on the “gourmet” scale, deserves its place among culinary delights. On this particular day, I was at a loss for a quick lunch fix. A can of Spam was on the shelf (see previous Hurricane ration posts). I had eggs, bread and lettuce. Perfect!

I quickly buttered a pan and seared the Spam on both sides to slightly-browned-perfection, then re-buttered (oh why not??) the pan to cook the eggs. I made a nice, thin omelet, cut it into quarters, and stacked it on my sandwich. The wheat toast, warm from the oven, was smeared with nothing more than Hellmann’s (REAL) mayonnaise. A few leaves of butter lettuce, a few grindings of black pepper and the sandwich was complete.
Oh yum!!