Porkography I

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As most of you know, I have a pork fetish. Yes, my blog and Facebook pages are filled with photos and verse extolling the delicious goodness of pork.

So, as my skillet, oven, grill, and plate connect with my camera, I will document my love of all things porcine. Think of it as little pork appetizers between main courses.

Welcome to Porkography!!

Two pork chops + hot cast iron = delicious

Sometimes the simplest preparations are best, especially when dealing with one’s favorite protein.

For this quick weeknight dinner, I seasoned pork loin chops with salt, pepper, garlic, and a touch of herbs de Provence.

I love my cast iron skillet. Well-seasoned from years of use, there is nothing like it to create that wonderful, crispy crust. As usual, I heated it to smoking, seared the chops on both sides, and finished them briefly in the oven.

They emerged juicy, moist and delicious. I ate them both, savoring every morsel on the bones. Mmm….simple is good!