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Pressure Cooker Braised Oxtails (Instant Pot)

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The Instant Pot is an amazing piece of equipment, and nothing impresses me more than the speed and ease with which it renders oxtails into perfect specimens of smooth, silky, beefy goodness. What normally takes 2-3 hours of simmering, the Instant Pot does in 35 minutes! This recipe is very adaptable; feel free to play with seasonings, herbs (rosemary? basil?), liquids (juices? broths?), even vegetables. The key is to have enough liquid to just cover the meaty morsels.  The resulting stock will be like liquid gold. Oxtails have a tremendous amount…read more

Oyster Dressing

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Each Thanksgiving and Christmas, our family would be treated to, among many fine dishes, dad’s dressing. Now, this would be no ordinary dressing. This was a rich, full-bodied, pan of savory goodness that literally was a meal in itself. Originally created to use up leftover yeast rolls from our restaurant, dad would toss together whatever ingredients were around during the season: turkey, ham, giblets, shrimp, oysters, sausage, you name it. This year, I was tasked with giving dad a break and creating the dressing for Thanksgiving. This isn’t the same…read more

The Best Beef Stew Ever

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  Beef Stew. The mere words conjure up warm, soothing moments from my childhood. I remember the rich, thick, heaping dish of goodness mom would serve me as a child, often when the weather got cooler. The chunks of potato would have added just the right amount of starchy texture to the tomato-based sauce, yet still be firm to the bite. The carrot rounds added sweetness, and the onions their caramelized, redolent goodness. The pieces of beef would be a joyful revelation – perfectly braised, delicious nuggets of beefy flavor….read more

Palatable Memories

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From gourmet meals to cheap eats, our favorite food memories enhance and shape our lives. Guests are invited to share their fondest food experiences.