Palatable Memories

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From gourmet meals to cheap eats, our favorite food memories enhance and shape our lives. Guests are invited to share their fondest food experiences.

The deep red Austrailian Mourvedre complemented the slice of Niman Ranch beef sirloin, cooked a perfect, juicy, medium rare. The maroon center of the meat mirrored the color of the wine, backlit by the flickering candle on the table, completing a sublime sensory synchronicity. I followed that with a forkful of the cheddar custard, surprisingly light in texture but oh so rich in flavor. I returned to the wine, its complexity perfectly balancing the sharpness of the cheese, not overpowering it. “Mmmm,” I softly purred, the word (exclamation?) lingering in my throat along with the delicious flavors I had consumed. This was indeed a Food Moment.

A week later, I found myself savoring food, drink, lights, and sounds of a different kind, but equally as memorable. I unwrapped the crumpled foil packet and extracted the Jumbo Hot Dog. Still slightly warm, I hurried to the condiment table and squirted mustard all down the exposed meat. Rushing to my seat, I had to be careful not to spill my large Shiner Bock (on draft). I ate my mustard-laden, salty dog and sipped my refreshing cold beer, right in Seat 105, Section AA of Reliant Stadium. I shared bagged peanuts with my friends, dropping the spent shells on the ground. Then the lights dimmed and we all screamed; Duran Duran was about to take the stage!

Was this also a Food Moment? Absolutely!

Whether we choose to eat the finest gourmet delights or fast food fare, food experiences enhance our lives. From favorite childhood meals to that special romantic dinner, our food memories live on in our minds-allowing us to relive them whenever we want!

Let’s not forget though, to continue to create new food experiences, adding to the “menu in our minds,” sharing them with friends and family.

So, what are some of YOUR favorite Food Moments?