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Porkography I

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As most of you know, I have a pork fetish. Yes, my blog and Facebook pages are filled with photos and verse extolling the delicious goodness of pork. So, as my skillet, oven, grill, and plate connect with my camera, I will document my love of all things porcine. Think of it as little pork appetizers between main courses.

The Great Bacon Experiment

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Bacon. Ahh, the word itself ignites the senses of discerning carnivores out there, and with good reason. The salty, fatty pork goodness satisfies just about any savory craving, and has clearly moved beyond the breakfast table. But just how far? We wanted to find out.

Cooking The Perfect Steak – Part Nine

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I’ve discovered that the perfect addition to a simple grilled steak is a compound butter. Adding a big, flavorful punch, these butters are simple to make, and the possible combinations are truly endless. For this New York Strip: Kaffir Lime, Ginger and Garlic, with a nice hit of Sriracha!

Joie de Viv

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More than just a waitress, Vivian was a friend. Her stoic exterior belied a heart of gold, and she was the benchmark for “service with a smile.” You just didn’t want to piss her off.

Stephanie Izard – Top Chef!

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Stephanie has truly has demonstrated the qualities of a talented, educated chef, a person who can both manage her peers and step back in their charge, all while keeping a focus on her culinary vision. Although she’s clearly developed her style, she obviously is willing to continue to learn more about food, and that is the mark of a true artist, someone who is constantly growing and learning how to better themselves at their passion.