Note to Self: Make this sandwich again!

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I discovered a new cheese, Vlaskaas Flax Harvest Gouda, and just had to make a sandwich with it. Salty, tangy, and oh so creamy, this cheese is delicious! A drizzle of truffle oil enhanced both the sharp and subtle nuances of the cheese, elevating this sandwich to gourmet status. A glass of fume blanc completed the experience!

2 slices Sunflower Seed bread (or any other freshly baked variety)
2 oz sliced smoked turkey
2 slices Vlaskaas Flax Harvest Gouda cheese
1 cup washed and dried spinach leaves
1 crimini or portobello mushroom, sliced
Creole or Dijon mustard
Freshly cracked pepper
1/2 tsp truffle oil

Lightly toast bread. Spread one slice with mayonnaise, the other with mustard. Layer remaining ingredients, as follows, on one slice: half the spinach, mushrooms, turkey, cheese, remaining spinach, pepper, truffle oil. Top with remaining slice of bread and cut in half. Serve with your favorite crisp white wine.