Super Succulent Shrimp

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Nothing could be simpler, or simply more delicious: shell-on shrimp, grilled to crisp, just-done perfection.


It was really very simple: I had some shell-on shrimp, the EZ-peel variety that have already been deveined, the back split. Cooking shrimp with the shell on helps them retain their shape, and adds flavor to the final product. Kind of like cooking anything on the bone!

My marinade was again, a simple one: lemon juice, olive oil, pressed garlic (lots of it), red pepper flakes (lots again), salt (yeah, lots of that too), freshly ground pepper, and some of Penzey’s Tuscan Sunset blend.

I skewered the shrimp, using two skewers per set, as I hate having the shrimp rotate when you’re trying to turn them over. About three minutes per side over medium-hot coals, and….perfection.

It was amazing to watch the process; the shrimp turned that beautiful pinkish-orange shade right before my eyes. Drips of juice created sizzle and flair that licked up along the skewers, adding the occasional dark, flavorful browned areas. The shells looked like stained glass, the herbs and seasonings speckling them here and there.

The aroma was incredible; the citrus, garlic and seafood combining to hint at what was to come. The shell, slick with oil, easily slipped off under my grasp. The first bite, that tender yet firm *crunch*, yielding that delicious burst of flavor, was fantastic.

I couldn’t peel them fast enough!