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Banana Nut Bread

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A delicious treat, and a great way to use up ripe bananas. Who doesn’t like a nice, moist piece of banana nut bread? Psst…you probably have all these ingredients in your kitchen right now!

Terrific Truffle Oil

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This delicious condiment can turn your most mundane goulash into mega gourmet with one drizzle! Created by steeping the delictable truffle in olive oil, this liquid luxury has the power to elevate your everyday dishes to the most elegant and extraordinary. Possessing a truly unique aroma and flavor, truffle oil can only be described as having an exotic, sensual appeal. One whiff and you know you are about to partake of something wonderful and delicious.

Miso Roasted Chicken

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The rich sweetness of miso and soy sauce combine for a savory delight. The sugars in the sauce create a delicious caramelized skin, and the fresh ginger adds bright pops of robust flavor.

Shrimp and Eggs with Onions and Spinach

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Adapted from my mother’s recipe (and no, it never tastes quite like hers), this hearty dish is a delicious way to prepare eggs for dinner. Crisp shrimp act as a delicate counterpoint to smooth scrambled eggs, accented by sweet onions and salty oyster sauce. Perfect as part of a multi-course Chinese dinner.

Crispy Lo Mein with Chicken

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When I make this dish at home, I always take the time to make my own chicken stock. The difference is amazing (see recipe for Egg Drop Soup). Canned, low sodium broth can be used, but be sure to adjust the added salt in the recipe. Making my own stock for this dish is very practical; I buy two whole, fresh chickens and disjoint, boning out the breast meat for the lo mein. I add what’s left – bones, skin, leg quarters, to a pot of water and simmer for…read more

Italian Pot Roast

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The secret to a flavorful roast is to add aromatics toward the end of the cooking time, so they don’t “cook away.” Also, adding too much braising liquid can water down the pot juices. Try changing up the herb mix for variety.