Wolfgang Puck’s Vert

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the gigantic mall at Hollywood and Highland, one will find refuge from touristy fast food at Vert. But is that a good thing? The decor at Wolfgang Puck’s Vert is pure California chic, with cool lighting, mirrored walls, pearlized vinyl booths and Asian artwork. Oddly, there was very little “vert” (green) to be seen.

The menu is straightforward continental, clumsily delivered on metal tablets that really don’t fit on the smaller deuces (tables for two). The bread basket contains a delicious array of treats, and the goat cheese and olive tapenade spread could be a meal all by itself.

I had the smoked chicken caesar salad, and while the presentation was different, the overall impression was ordinary. A boned chicken breast with an attached frenched wing was the only special thing about the salad. The dressing lacked any real punch, and a single walnut and two lone capers spoke volumes about the haphazard preparation. Indeed, I discovered a pool of dressing under the left side of the salad, leaving the right portion high and dry.

The service was attentive but restrained. Most startling was the sight of the terribly dusty colored glass chandeliers, which also had greasy handprints on the sides. Yikes!

Overall, the visit to Vert was fine; the atmosphere and food selection is a welcome distraction from McDonald’s. Great for people-watching. And the prices are fair. But don’t expect the finest dining in L.A.