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Shopping List 1-13-06 – Updated

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The rich, dark red chili, redolent with smoky cumin, spiked with hints of ancho and poblano peppers, provided a warm, but soothing contrast to the freshly baked white bun, which was gently kissed by the sharp yellow mustard–oh please, they were just DAMN good!! I scarfed down three of them!!

Fried Chicken Salad

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Fresh romaine and spinach leaves make fried chicken a little more “diet-friendly” after the holidays! Carrots and pine nuts add great texture, and mandarin oranges add color and sweetness. Use a dressing of your choice; Thousand Island is a nostalgic favorite of mine and its creaminess goes well with the fried chicken. Whatever dressing you use, do not “drown” your salad; use only enough to just coat the leaves.

Spicy Crocked Chicken

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Don’t be afraid of all the seasonings in this dish. Slow cooking transforms the herbs and spices into a vibrant, yet mellow coating for your chicken. Moist and tender, this recipe is perfect for those busy days. Because you do not add any liquid to the pot, the resulting juices are super rich and delicious.


Chicken and Dumplings

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What says comfort food more than chicken and dumplings? Canned stock may be used, but to me, there is no substitute for homemade stock. Treat yourself…take the time to make your own stock. The dumpling recipe is from a 1956 edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook; some things just need no improvement.

Chipotle Turkey Chili

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What could be more perfect than a nice, steaming bowl of hot chili for the cool fall and winter nights ahead? Ground turkey is a terrific substitute for beef. I added bacon to help with the leanness of the turkey, and the smoky heat of the chipotle peppers add a bright, hot twist. Beans are optional; I added these at the request of my partner. Anything to get him to eat!

Note to Self: Make this sandwich again!

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I discovered a new cheese, Vlaskaas Flax Harvest Gouda, and just had to make a sandwich with it. Salty, tangy, and oh so creamy, this cheese is delicious! A drizzle of truffle oil enhanced both the sharp and subtle nuances of the cheese, elevating this sandwich to gourmet status. A glass of fume blanc completed the experience!